Property services for you, with you.

vacantlotStrategic Auction Alliance helps Attorneys, lenders, owners and secured parties move vacant land quickly and efficiently. We leverage cutting-edge technology, industry experience and position your property to sell quickly. In some cases within 45 days or less!

We can bring increased focus to marketing efforts by showcasing your property throughout the marketplace.  We show buyer’s you are serious about selling.  We attract motivated, well-capitalized buyers who are likely to be interested in land auctions in Massachusetts  as well as all other areas of the northeast that will likely purchase your property. We utilize a variety of marketing professionals to increase your property’s visibility – ranging from in-house graphic design, pubilc relations to direct sales efforts.

By choosing Strategic Auction Alliance for your vacant land auction, you’ll:

  • Sell quickly – by specifying a date on which the property is to be sold, a sense of urgency is created amongst qualified and interested buyers.
  • Reduce selling costs – We sell your property as-is. No contingencies, no lengthy negotiations and fast closings.
  • Gain access to a large market of interested and motivated buyers – Whether in-person or online, put a lot of people in front of your product and target our marketing efforts to find the right buyer for your property.