UCC Secured Party Sales

Borrower default on UCC secured debt requires effective recovery strategies.  To obtain the greatest return possible in a UCC secured party sale, the entire market must be identified and attracted.  Our staff auctioneers have conducted thousands of successful auction sales and have the capability and knowledge needed to produce the greatest returns.

Strategic Auction Alliance is experienced in offering the collateral assets of a secured party at auction, be it a pledge or an interest in any given entity. Given today’s availability of technical resources we may offer to conduct these UCC secured party auction sales on a timed online platform. 

SAA will consider the asset(s) offered for equity position, marketability and develop the appropriate commercially reasonable marketing plan to present the asset(s) to third party investors. SAA and the secured party client will confer to analyze and develop the desired credit bidding strategy.

When the auction has concluded, SAA will provide the client with an auction summary report with details of registered bidders, bidding logs, advertising schedule, ad placement confirmation, and resulting winner of control of said asset(s).   

Contact us today for an analysis of your needs and assistance with a secured party sale under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Click here for a listing example of a recent UCC Secured Party Auction Sale.