Machinery and Industrial

Strategic Auction Alliance are experts in the valuation of manufacturing and industrial equipment. We appraise a wide array of machine tools and industrial assets.

Equipment Appraised

  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Industrial Lasers/ EDM, Wire and RAM
  • Inspection Equipment
  • Brakes and Presses
  • Manual Mills and Lathes
  • Metal Forming Machines/ Cold Heading
  • Plating and Coating Equipment
  • Industrial Robots
  • CAD/ CAM Systems
  • Shop Tooling and Supplies
  • Raw Material Inventories
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Buffing, Deburring and Finishing
  • Heat Treating and Welding Equipment

Types of Appraisals

  • Fair Market Value
  • Fair Market Value Removal
  • Forced Liquidation Value
  • Liquidation Value in Place
  • Insurance Value
  • Replacement Value and Replacement Cost