All non-profit organizations need to raise money and will attest to the trying economic times we are faced with.

Many non-profits are discovering that charity auctions are a great way to raise money. Fundraising auctions offer a win – win scenario for donors, supporters and the non-profit organization alike. Donors of merchandise/ services, as well as event sponsors, are recognized by a captive audience for their donations and support of the organization. Attendees have the opportunity to enjoy a great night out; support a cause they believe in and purchase unique products and services they desire. Event attendees and winning bidders often reward donors by becoming loyal customers who refer additional business for years to come. The non-profit organization benefits from the revenues and public relations exposure that a charity gala auction event can generate.

There are a number of details your organization needs to address in order to conduct a successful auction including:

  • Setting the event date
  • Selecting a venue
  • Setting the event agenda
  • Determining the menu
  • Recruiting volunteers
  • Obtaining auction items
  • Promoting the event
  • Setting admission pricing
  • Selling tickets
  • Optimally setting up the venue for the silent & live auction
  • Accurately entering the winning bids in the accounting system
  • Efficiently running attendee check in/ out
  • Accepting various types of payments
  • Distributing merchandise to winning bidders
  • Sending out thank you notes after the event

There is a lot to do and every single function is critically important to the success of the event so it must be addressed correctly. Smooth running, properly executed, benefit auction fundraisers will also be a factor in repeat attendance. To make sure your fundraiser gala event is a success, it’s critical to secure the services of an experienced and reputable professional charity auctioneer. A competent benefit auctioneer will help you to address all of these issues. The fees you pay a charity auction professional are an investment that will return many times what you pay. Charity auction professionals know what works and what does not. Running a charity event without a professional auctioneer is like going to trial without an attorney. Non-profits who guess at the right decisions will obtain less than optimum results. We’ve seen non-profits make easily avoidable mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars!

Most professional charity auctioneers include pre-event gala consultation, event night microphone duties including closing out the silent auction, live auction bid calling and running a cash sponsorship appeal for a specific purpose, (a.k.a.“Fund a Need”), segment as a part of their services. Interview multiple benefit auctioneers and ask for references. Make sure you understand the full scope of services that are being offered to your organization. Make an effort to understand the philosophy and style of the auctioneers you speak with. Be sure to select a benefit auctioneer who is professional, cooperative, understanding, accessible and is a good “fit” with the needs and of your organization. Your charity auction professional should include a pre-event venue analysis as a part of their charity auction consulting services to ensure that your venue is set up in a way that promotes the best flow of traffic for the evening’s activities, while presenting your auction items in the best possible light.

Strategic Auction Alliance is unique in the range of services we provide to non-profits. We have talented multiple auctioneers on our staff and offer a full host of services on an “A-La Carte” basis including; pre-event consultation, emceeing, bid calling, bid spotting, computer based check in/ out, bid clerking, invoicing and payment collection. Our full service option will allow you to enjoy your event and socialize with your guests, giving the proper attention to those who have helped your organization, and make your event run smoothly and profitably. We have experience in running fundraising auctions of all types and sizes which ensures your event will go off without a hitch and raise as much money as possible.

If you have unanswered questions please feel free to check out our Charity Auction FAQs pages for the answers to those common ones. For complete information visit our main benefit auction pages that feature or email or call us at 877-426-8175. We would be pleased to chat with you!