Leaving no stone unturned to get the best return on your assets!

Strategic Auction Alliance can become an essential ingredient to your portfolio management strategy – giving you genuine value when you’re looking to liquidate assets. In today’s volatile marketplace, lenders know that having a partner who can help them adapt to sudden changes quickly and efficiently is more important than ever before. Comprehensive auction services – From marketing and reporting capabilities to secure, efficient transfers, Strategic Auction Alliance can take care of all the details needed to turn your secured collateral into cash through our comprehensive auction services.

  • A broad, expansive marketplace – Strategic Auction Alliance reaches a large, qualified wholesale marketplace for virtually any bank-owned asset. Buyers can bid at our live auctions in person or via the Internet. Lenders benefit through greater participation, higher prices and the fastest turnaround times possible.
  • Foreclosure services – Strategic Auction Alliance works with you to navigate the foreclosure process and create the best plan to ensure your foreclosure auction is conducted in a commercially reasonable and professional manner. From pre-foreclosure analysis to third party marketing strategies, Strategic Auction Alliance leverages a wide variety of tools to make sure your institution obtains the best possible outcome.
  • UCC/Secured party sales- Expand your potential buyer’s market nationwide. With over 150-200 auctions per month, you can rest assured knowing that Strategic Auction Alliance will deliver buyers and obtain market value for your assets quickly!
  • REO liquidation services – Institutions like yours are not involved with the real estate auction companies. Put our understanding of the New England Real Estate marketing to work for you and move distressed properties off your books today with our asset liquidators!

Are you looking to improve the returns on your distressed asset portfolio? Strategic Auction Alliance can deliver improved results based on strong analysis, unmatched know-how and a commitment to helping customers like you find the solutions the need.