Foreclosure Auction Services

The real estate market has presented lenders with the greatest challenge in modern history.  Loans for residential, commercial property and vacant land have gone into default at a record pace. The definition of a commercially reasonable sale can be a moving target and debtors must weigh the risk of legal actions against adding property to growing REO portfolios.

Strategic Auction Alliance’s foreclosure auction services demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the needs and responsibilities of law firms and their clients. We help attorneys pursue the correct course of action.  If a third party sale is a possibility, we market the property in a manner that protects our clients while controlling costs.

We present clients with a multitude of marketing options that are tailored to their specific situation. We carefully analyze each situation to protect the interests of our clients and can provide:

  • The required broker price opinions;
  • Pre-foreclosure analysis
  • Best and highest use analysis

With this information, proper decisions can be made based on market research and factual data.

Contact us today for a no-cost analysis of your upcoming foreclosure needs.