Storage Auctions

Terminology_GavelStorage auctions are a part of owning self storage facilities and storage warehouses.  When you have delinquent storage accounts, we bring the greatest number of bidders and highest possible returns for your storage lien foreclosure sales.  When obtaining the  best return possible is essential, Strategic Auction Alliance delivers.  We conduct more than 150 auctions per month throughout the Northeast, connecting buyers to sellers.

Through our alliance with Storage Auction Solutions, we sell hundreds of storage units per month. Our collaborative partnership helps bring practical and creative solutions for storage facility owners no matter what their needs!

For Owners:

  • An extensive database of buyers throughout the Northeast
  • Professionally planned and executed auctions run by a courteous team of professionals who can guide you from the beginning of your auction through its conclusion
  • Quality customer service that conducts efficient and professional auctions designed to pique buyer interest and provide you the best return the market can bring.
  • Support before, during and after each auction.

We can cater your needs, whatever your circumstances. Strategic Auction Alliance syndicates your storage lien foreclosure auctions to the maximum number of buyers possible.

For Buyers:

Storage auctions are one of the best kept secrets of the auction industry for buying a wide range of merchandise including: furniture, appliances, electronics, jewelry –even cars and boats – at auction prices! Storage auctions can be a ‘treasure hunt’ of sorts. Sometimes, incredible valuables are found in storage units. Many storage auction bidders have turned big profits on their storage auction purchases!

Contact us today to learn how Strategic Auction Alliance can bring you the best results and the most bidders to your storage auction today!