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Charity Auction Gala Agenda for Success

A well conceived agenda is one of the most important benefit auction elements for success For many non-profits, a charity auction is the largest annual fundraising event. If you’ve participated in the planning and execution of a benefit auction, you know fundraising auctions are demanding and complicated. There’s a lot to do and many important decisions to make. Setting the date, ...

Business Liquidation Auctions are Efficient and Timely

Auctioneers can liquidate the assets of a business in a single day. As a result of today's poor economic conditions, there are a large number of businesses in the U.S. that are closing up shop. Many business owners who had hoped to sell their businesses in pursuit of retirement or other interests are discovering that there is not a market for ...

Professional Charity Auctioneers at Your Next Benefit Auction Gala

All non-profit organizations need to raise money and will attest to the trying economic times we are faced with. Many non-profits are discovering that charity auctions are a great way to raise money. Fundraising auctions offer a win - win scenario for donors, supporters and the non-profit organization alike. Donors of merchandise/ services, as well as event sponsors, are recognized ...

Municipal Auctioneers Generate Revenues for Towns and Cities

Tax possessions, tax titles, surplus property ...What is all that? Municipal auctioneers provide services for cities & towns that need to liquidate real estate, tax titles and surplus equipment. Tax title, tax possession and surplus property auctions provide municipalities a means to generate much needed revenues. Tax possessions are properties that have the right of ...

Braintree Police Auction In Review

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